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Founded in 2016, Capes India has accelerated their business from just an idea to industry leaders in India. They are a team of a close-knit collection of thinkers and innovators who are dedicated to not just creating breakthrough tech accessories but building a brand that provides customers with the best possible experience while buying them.

Capes India provides a curated range of gadget skins suitable for phones, laptops, cameras, and decals. To curate these ideas they have an in-house production facility and they are selling directly to their customers. They themselves are the team of manufacturers and marketers of their products, making them a leading D2C brand in India.

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Returning the product is not a necessary option for the customers here as every customer wants customized skins for their gadget. Capes India works majorly on the make-on-order module of business, hence facing fewer returns but processing fraud order is a big hassle.

Majorly, Capes India faced slow order processing and the risk involved in fulfilling the fraud orders as their challenges being a D2C brand in the small & new niche of the eCommerce industry.

  • The increased time involved in order processing.
  • Simplifying the back-office operations.
  • Inventory lying in hand because of fraud orders.
  • Errors and time involved in manual operations.


Capes India is now managing and tracking its order fulfillment process with Shipway's easy-to-use interface and was able to scale 10x.

The key benefits they received from our service:

  • Faster order processing time.
  • Flagging risky orders.
  • On-time customer query resolution.
  • A less manual effort with an automated solution.

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Our user-friendly and easy-to-use panel for order fulfillment allows our clients to start working without any delay or transition. We helped Capes India with -

  • Simplified & faster order processing.
  • 70-80% reduction in Customer Queries.
  • 30% reduction in RTOs through fraud detection.